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Personal Data use


Article 1. Definitions

Any purchase by a third party (hereinafter referred to as "the buyer") from Mobipiar is regulated according to the general conditions of sale described below (hereinafter "the conditions").

By placing order on Mobipiar, the buyer accepts these conditions of sale.

Should one or more of the clauses of these terms and conditions be modified or canceled, this would not imply any other provisions that remain in effect.

Article 2. Tenders

Mobipiar's offer prices are fixed during the term of the offer, including all costs (commission and cost of the means of payment). No additional charges will be added to the first offer made.

The orders are made directly on-line according to the choice of the buyer who will have many possibilities of recharges according to the number and the country of its correspondent.

The customer Mobipiar must have the legal age provided by both his country of residence, and must be the owner of the means of payment used. An address may be required to facilitate the security of the platform.

The descriptions and specifications of the refill cards are those of the supplier of the product concerned.

Article 3. Prices

The mentioned prices for the products and services offered, are in Euros.

Article 4. Transfer of the refill

The delivery is made directly in the telephone of the correspondent who must receive the call credit purchased on Mobipiar. A summary will be entered in the customer's platform dashboard.

The correspondent will receive the amount of the recharge minus the commission.

The trasnfer is only effective after validation of the payment of the buyer.

The transfer will not be saved in the system if the buyer does not complete the transaction. It will be necessary to repeat the whole operation from the beginning to validate a new transaction.

The customer must indicate clearly the number he wishes to recharge, as Mobipiar does not make any refund in the event of a buyer error.

Article 7. The guarantee

The buyer must verify the number and amount of the refill before validating the payment. If the amount transferred is different from what he paid, the client will have to send the proof of payment, in order to give him a credit of the difference in his Mobipiar account. For any refund, Mobipiar may ask for additional information. A possible refund can be give before 10 days after verification of Mobipiar.

Mobipiar offers that the supplier's guarantee of the recharge, assuring any security regarding the payment data.

Article 8. The Mobipiar account

Mobipiar may suspend and delete a user account that does not comply with the enumerated conditions, or at the request of a legal authority that informs the customer of any possible prosecution in connection with cybercrime or the use of fraudulent cards.

Mobipiar will inform the customer by e-mail of a possible suspension or cancellation of his account at least 24 hours before final execution, unless requested by the legal authorities of the country that is issuing an action justified by a judicial act.

Article 9. Complaints

Any complaint must be sent to Mobipiar by e-mail, to reduce the reaction time which can not exceed 30 days.

Mobipiar reserves the right to sue anyone who uses the Mobipiar name or the Mobipiar website for activities other than those relating to the platform. In the event that the customer uses Mobipiar for marketing, communication, management or any other professional purposes, Mobipiar will claim damages in accordance with the provisions of the courts concerned.

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