What are the new forms of BUSINESS?

Mobipiar advises you to do business

EGIT Team January 14, 2019
  1. Doing business in 2019 no longer resembles the classic model that required many investments in large infrastructure. The use of new technologies has completely changed the game.
  2. - The structural organization of a company
  3. We are no longer in big, traditional machines that use physical offices, to combine human and material resources. With a good internet connection, a good IT solution, good job planning, and permanent telephone access (the mobile phone), the home office saves a lot of money in the day-to-day running of a business. To do this, any organization must analyze its business model to better adapt to the current requirements of the new world.
  4. - Networking
  5. It is obvious that a company must have products to offer, but it is necessary that any company has also very specific markets: it is necessary to avoid spending resources in nonproductive sectors. We must know how to take advantage of relevant networks that use all digital channels, to have visibility. The development of a company necessarily involves a good use of any digital solution that can offer the world of the internet: influencers, social networks, sectoral meetings, and even virtual exhibitions are important elements for good visibility in a market that is becoming increasingly globalized.
  6. - Internationalization
  7. Some structures remain in their local market, but the international market can reserve good and / or bad surprises in the operational management of a company. Competition and / or partnership (a competitor can be a partner according to everyone's needs) is done quickly and easily with few means (internet and new forms of communication).
  8. - The expertise
  9. No one can master a technology for a long time without innovating, because the digital world offers many virtual trainings that allow new entrants to establish themselves in a local market that seemed difficult to access for international competitors.
Mobipiar and its partners offer good communication formulas, facilitating the sending of international call credit for more connectivity, to take advantage of a virtual business network favoring the B to C, B to B, B to C to B, and B to B to C. Making BUSINESS is above all knowing how to adapt to new forms of exchange ...

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