MOBIPIAR international airtime's as a gift can be a great proof of love!

Offer call credits and internet data for Valentine's Day.

Consulting CAF ( Christian Fleurisson ) February 10, 2020
Even if everyone recognizes that Valentine's Day remains a commercial celebration today, we would be very disappointed not to receive anything from our beloved, especially if the latter is a thousand places away. However, it should be noted that it is always the same reflexes that drive us: flowers, chocolate, champagne, etc. It is quite simple to surprise with an exceptional gift that fits well with our new digital era, with a virtual card, an e-book, a digital sending of music, an impressive photo montage, and especially call credits that include internet data. MOBIPIAR helps you achieve this feat by providing its secure and easy-to-use platform, to send airtime in less than 5 minutes (safely).
    You need at least 5 minutes for the whole process that is done on the Mobipiar platform. You only need the number of your correspondent and the references of your payment. To send call credits, simply follow the steps below. Important: before using the MOBIPIAR platform, it is mandatory to create a user account to better manage your dashboard (the procedure takes place in 2 simple steps: verification of the email address for activation, and verification of the telephone number for validation ) :
  1. Telephone number: give the recipient's telephone number (check carefully)
  2. Top-up: choose the top-up that corresponds to you after automatic indication of the recipient's telephone operator
  3. Payment: pay with the different payment methods available to you depending on your country of residence
  4. Confirmation: receive a confirmation email and indicate before payment the recipient ud number once again to also have a notification of receipt of airtimes MOBIPIAR (sms 30 characters free).
Surprise your love with a MOBIPIAR send on the platform (in French and in English)

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