MOBIPIAR fights with everyone by facilitating the containment imposed by COVID-19!

Fight conoravirus with MOBIPIAR

Consulting CAF March 19, 2020
    Times are difficult for the planet because of a dangerous pandemic: CORONAVIRUS. All habits are changed, the local, national and even global economy is impacted, human relationships are disrupted ...
    No matter what continent, no one is spared with many cases of infections growing at an exponential rate. The business community is faced with prospects without real visibility, with uncontrolled costs linked to the home office (investments are accelerating in connected digitalization); no one knows when this epidemic will end.
    Certain measures must be observed to avoid rapid spread. Mobipiar once again recalls some of these measures to contribute to this global fight against COVID-19. First, to facilitate communication with your loved ones, do not hesitate to go to the platform to send call credits and internet data to 120 countries. Above all, respect the instructions recommended by certain health specialists:
    "The two things that it is essential to insist on are: hand hygiene and the eviction of visibly sick people" sums up Dr. Pierre Parneix. First two simple and common sense measures that would greatly limit the spread of the virus. WHO therefore recommends adopting a certain number of "barrier gestures":
  1.     • Wash your hands frequently and correctly: "Washing your hands well (with soap and water) minimizes the risk of being contaminated after touching a surface that has been previously contaminated by a sick person, and then touching face, mouth or eyes, "says Dr. Parneix.
  2.     • Have hydro-alcoholic gel on you: since it is not always possible to find a water point and soap when leaving a public place, the doctor invites you to always have a hydro solution on you -alcoholic. If you no longer find it in pharmacies, it is possible to make it at home.
  3.     • Maintain a "social" distance: "You must observe a safety distance of one meter between yourself and a person who is coughing or sneezing. This is the distance which makes it possible not to be touched by droplets from the nose or mouth likely to contain the virus. " When the place is confined and it is not possible to respect this distance, you must "turn your back on the sick person, so that the secretions are less likely to touch the face".
  4.     • Avoid shaking hands or kissing each other to greet each other.
  5.     • Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes: nose, eyes and mouths are all possible "entry points" to the virus. During an epidemic, it is best to avoid touching your face with your potentially contaminated hands as much as possible.
  6.     • Practice good respiratory hygiene: when in doubt that we are ourselves the carrier of the virus: coughing and sneezing in the fold of the elbow or in a handkerchief which will be immediately thrown away, limits potential exposure of the virus to those around us.
  •     Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  •     Use disposable tissues.
  •     Limit your travels to the absolute minimum.
  •     Employees who can telecommute are invited to do so as much as possible.
Should we wear a mask? A mask is neither washable nor reusable.
    The mask would ultimately tend to provide a "false feeling" of security, lowering the vigilance of the wearer. "
  •     The mask is for single use and is in no case washable or reusable.
  •     The mask must also be adapted to the size of the face and must be well positioned (the padded side of the nose strip must be placed on the bump of the nose to properly protect the nose).

Always stay _ON_ with MOBIPIAR, and close to your loves ones.