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Use MOPIPIAR to send call credit

EGIT Team February 24, 2019

The evolution of technology is at an exponential speed with the appearance of new forms of communication. This is well illustrated by the disappearance of old telephone booths that were present on highways and in all major cities. We no longer need to go to a local shop to buy calling cards or to call. The telephone wire has been cut to create unprecedented mobility, with a considerable impact on the daily lives of all: it is the mobile telephony.

The conclusion is clear: things are going fast and the use of the internet is still changing our new habits that impose us solutions that did not exist less than 10 years ago.

However, can we say that it is easy to connect or use these new forms of communication?

The business world can no longer do without the use of new technologies with the obvious development of E-commerce, the almost daily use of social networks, the creation of new jobs, the inevitable digitization of the entire system, and especially an international communication popularized by the use of tools like messenger and whatsapp.

We must not forget that to take advantage of all these developments and to easily communicate anywhere in the world, you have to have credit to connect to the internet and make calls. It is not easy to find stores available to recharge one's credit; That's why MOBIPIAR is part of this futuristic approach by offering you the possibility to recharge your call credit and your internet data in just a few clicks. To stay connected with the world, send TOPUP to Africa, America, ASIA, and Australia for nothing!

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