How to succeed in business in Africa?

You need to know when, how and why invest in Africa!

Consulting CAF ( Christian Fleurisson ) February 25, 2019

Africa is the continent of the future! The one that offers many economic, demographic and technological potentialities: it's the new space to conquer! But to succeed business in this area that remains mysterious, it is necessary to control certain specific factors. Indeed, to avoid unpleasant surprises and a brutal cultural shock, it is advisable for an entrepreneur (especially the smallest ones) to learn before embarking on an African adventure that is very special.

It should be noted that this market will weigh nearly 5,500 billion euros in 2020, of which only 2,000 billion euros for household consumption. This economic data provided by Consulting CAF UG reinforces all the studies of experts that invite any investor to take an interest in this low cost of work.

Before any entrepreneurial step, it is necessary to make a good study PESTLE of its project, to better establish its strategy of company in order to avoid a fiasco from the beginning. To do this, MOBIPIAR has thought of you, by providing its business network and its partners, to share all the good practices of the African business world.

The first problem that an entrepreneur may encounter is related to administrative procedures !!!! In Africa, it is a different time that used the decisions to be made: the European can have the watch * Switzerland for example * but the African has the time, because he takes it with his ease. To stay focused, it is best to delegate to recommended people to avoid wasting monstrous time.

The second problem will be skills: it is difficult to find a skilled workforce because everyone does training in areas that work and that very punctually, which causes many neglected sectors.

The third problem will be the choice of the partners, because the scam and the corruption are more frequent with certain companies which have all the accreditations necessary to do business. Many local business-man start businesses in order to get rich in the short term at the expense of long-term projects. They are therefore ready for everyone to get rich quickly, and they do not hesitate to deceive their international partners; what is creating collateral damage for serious SMEs.

The fourth problem is the considerable size of the informal sector, which accounts for over 80% of economic activity in some countries, and this creates a real funding problem for the banks. As a result, many SMEs face difficulties in financing from banks.

To better understand the world of business in Africa, MOBIPIAR recommends belonging to a credible and reliable network that offers many professionals like Consulting CAF UG (partner of MOBIPIAR business) to avoid unpleasant surprises. Another solution would be to foster contact with local partners who could make punctual representations on projects that can be managed remotely. To help you in communicating with the various people who can facilitate your business with Africa, do not hesitate to send call credit so that they can reach you at any time. So use MOBIPIAR !!!

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