Digitalisation in the management of employees and the customer relationship.

Innovate the management of the company with a good change for the digital

Consulting CAF ( Christian Fleurisson ) April 25, 2019
  • It should be noted that the customer relationship, which is at the heart of the company, must be given priority. To do this, any process allowing the simplification of access to information must be highlighted.
  • In this context, the digitalization of the customer center becomes an important issue that must be mastered with useful digital tools to easily exchange with customers. Consulting CAF offers some interesting leads that should allow you to answer the following questions: - Why, when and how to make a digital change - What to do not create a managerial break, during a process of digital transition? - How to include the customer in digital change?
  • It should be emphasized that permanent digital contact with customers facilitates the commercial exchange through a considerable time saving and a greater reactivity. The various digital communication media put in place must allow the customer to find all the information 24 hours a day with ease of contact with the company at any time. Basic rule: avoid dissatisfaction related to unanswered requests!
  • A digitalization process starts with simple things like having the right hardware and software, creating a website and updating it regularly, giving understandable and relevant information, but above all offering simple and easy-to-use services. However, the elements used in the numerical mutation must be proportional to the activity of the company to not exceed the available resources, because digitalization can be very expensive when it is poorly planned.
  • A digital change is not made without training of employees, because a company must be able to manage all the digital media put in place. The essential thing is not all digital, but the efficiency and profitability of the tools used. It requires a good management strategy that defines the steps of digitalization by including all the human factor available to train and / or recruit. This step is very important because this change starts with the optimization of the interactional customer center because the target of a company can have difficulties of access to digital tools. In this case, digitization would be useless and dangerous for management, because if this step is missed, the digital transformation would be counterproductive and increase the operating costs of the company, possibly with bad customer returns. The market opinion becomes very important with the development of digital. To avoid bad e-reputation and bad buzz on the web, we must take into account the reactions of the customer to quickly identify the problems in order to find the appropriate solutions, to avoid losses of market share.
  • It is necessary to have a well-defined objective and a well-crafted strategy before making any change of usual practices, because the digitization of the company can impose delegations of decision-making power in the company, an outsourcing of certain functions, or even a total reorganization of all the work.
  • So do not hesitate to contact professionals such as Consulting CAF who offers its partners Egit Solutions (designer and owner of MOBIPIAR), to assist you in the choice of your digital solution, to avoid miscalculated investments. A good choice of software and hardware reduces the burden of the company and facilitates CSR through many social programs such as (internal and external) such as distance work (home-office) that can help parents to better align their professional and private life.
  • There are many interesting digital solutions for the life of the collaborator and the productivity of the company can lose any manager in its digital mutation. For a good implementation of digitalization, it is necessary to monitor ascpets below:
    1. The applicability, simplicity, and accessibility of the solutions offered to clients
    2. The cost (for the company and the customer)
    3. The action plan for employees (training and timing)
    4. The human factor (availability and usefulness)
    5. Sustainability (the rapid evolution of technology) to prevent obsolescence of digital tools
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