Data security with internet, myth or reality?

Without security, digitalization is built on sand

Consulting CAF ( Christian Fleurisson ) - Egit Team May 13, 2019
    The evolution of technology and information systems imposes digital transformation in almost any private and professional environment. However, the costs of digitization are forcing some companies to make less expensive choices (not always effective), for lack of financial means or for maximum profitability. The issue of data backup should not be overlooked, because misclassification of data does not make it easy to manage risk areas, legal knowledge processes and compliance standards across the entire computer network.
    Data classification is not the only way to start a security process, because there is another important point in the management of digitalization: data discovery. Analyze data repositories and report results, search enterprise data, data governance and data analysis and visualization. Good security starts with the perfect combination of data discovery and data classification.
    What to do to secure its data?
To properly plan and implement data protection and threat detection, you need to know first:
  1. - How will the business be impacted if this data is disclosed, destroyed or misrepresented?
  2. - Who can access, modify, or delete the data?
  3. - How can I access the database?
  4. - What are the differences in digitalization? Who does what with the digital solution? Who has access to what? Who administers the network, the application, or the different solutions?
  5. - Where are the company's data hosted?
  6. - But above all, what are the sensitive data that the company works with (IP, PHI, PII, card data, etc.)
Do not hesitate to contact Consulting CAF or its partner Egit Solutions, if these questions remain unanswered in your digitization process. Avoid building a digital structure on moving sand, which can be dangerous for the security of your data.
    Cybersecurity poses a real problem for everyone, but especially for companies (it should be noted that a pirated company, exposes the data of its customers). Industrial espionage, financial scams, hacking, theft and destruction of data are practices favored by malware and ransomware that are expanding practices. The number of cases against companies continues to increase: "more than 50% of companies in Europe and the US have already experienced a cyber security incident. ". This number is still minimal in Africa, but the rapid evolution of digitalization creates ideal conditions for threats that no African company is really prepared for.
Digital transformation can not be done without protection in a world where digital is evolving at a speed that no one can control. It is therefore necessary to include the necessary cybersecurity tools from the beginning of the digital transition. Before any change, you must:
  1. - find out about legislative developments
  2. - educate employees
  3. - choose security solutions (contact CAF Consulting) with well-established specifications.
  4. - Mapping the entire process of data processing.
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