An unprecedented digital boom in Africa !

Call Credits in Africa

EGIT Team December 22, 2018
In Africa, mobile telephony knows a boom that can be justified by a very young population well trained on new technologies, and many huge investments in IT. However, the subscription formula is not the most widespread, because there is still much to do in the addressing of some cities that would be a good thing in terms of consumer identification. So remains the relief of prepaid cards that are good for everyone, with a corollary of better management of budgets and especially different payment systems. It exits good local solutions, like transfer points of units that can be found everywhere. Added to this are some online recharge services like those offered by MOBIPIAR ( that come strengthen the purchase of phone recharges around the world by providing an attractive platform for call credit transfers to anywhere in the world: send call credits to more than 140 countries worldwide France, Germany, Austria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Niger, USA. China, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Bangladesh, etc. becomes a breeze. Anyone can send call credits from the country where they are. MOBIPIAR is not limited to this, because its offers also include SMS that can be sent to friends, family or business partners in simple clicks. Why not contribute to business development by facilitating group SMS communication, and / or by managing your staff's call allocations easily, with a tailor-made business offer (

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