2019 Digital year !

Follow the digital change

EGIT Team January 03, 2019
The development of digital technologies is becoming important in everyone's daily life because it transcends national borders, and we have an evolution of the new forms of communication that are essential in any way of life. Business management necessarily includes many digital applications that increase productivity, because a person who lives in Europe can easily do business with Africa, Asia, America, and the rest of the world, especially without move. New digital offers have also disrupted the financial and communication world, with mobile money and social networks. The first considerably facilitates financial exchanges with a consequent impact on the banking sector in underdeveloped countries, by offering easy opportunities to make any transaction using a small terminal such as the smartphone. This process completely changes the classic business model of national and international financial institutions that engage in large investments in collusive infrastructure to better compete. Regarding social networks, it is obvious that we have the existence of a huge virtual-global village, where the communication is easily done with applications that allow to discuss with friends or family that is in other countries . This aspect has rapidly modified the social contract with fictitious or real friendships that are created at a distance to the detriment of physical encounters, through cultural exchanges that transcend universal classical codes. But remains the question of the costs of the digital mutation!   To be in this inevitable movement of change, companies are forced to make many investments in the digitalization of strategic and operational means to update management, and everyone must be able to ensure uninterrupted connectivity: which is expensive for some people who are in less developed areas. There are alternative solutions that facilitate the sharing of charges like Mobipiar that allows everyone to contribute to the expenses of others, especially with the possibility of reloading the phone of correspondents on the other side of the world who lack credit of call: without units, it is difficult to connect on the internet, so to follow the movement of the new digital life.

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