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Our Solution

MOBIPIAR is a platform that allows you to send phone recharges to all your correspondents across 120 countries in the world, easily and quickly, if they have a prepaid mobile phone number.

MOBIPIAR is a solution that focuses on the security of all transactions in compliance with the European DSP2 (Payment Services Directive) and Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) standards, to ensure a high level of IT security, of your transaction on our platform.

Our goals

Faced with the development of the digital world and the importance of communication in the private or professional sphere, we provide a quick and inexpensive solution that prevents you from making money transfers to purchase phone recharges for your correspondent in the whole world.

Our goal is to share with you a saving of time and money, avoiding you the hassle that has no reason to be, with transaction costs that defy any competition. Your satisfaction becomes a goal for us, because sending refills to your loved ones, becomes a game!

Our provenance

MOBIPIAR is a product of EGIT Solutions (http://egit-solutions.com/) which provides you with IT experts in the following fields:

  • Design and realization of website
  • Web Application and Smartphone
  • Customized software for your business
  • IT security
  • IT Solutions
  • Management and deployment of Datacenter